Bakery 134

Baker: Tumuhimbise Francis Residence: Soroti town, Senior quarters Western division   Francis is a crippled man who uses a tricycle for mobility. He is a married man and father of 5 children who all depend on him for school fees and basic necessities. He was recruited through the three phase recruitment process of BISS, where

Bakery 131

Baker: Akulo Agness Residence: Soroti District, Arapai Village   In Arapai village we found Agnes. A single mother of five who tried to find a living in stone quarry: breaking stones with a hammer into smaller stones. She really wished to become a baker as this isn’t work anyone’s body can do for long. She

Bakery 132

Baker: Abuko Esther Residence: Soroti District, Campswahili   Esther is physically disabled with a cross eyed syndrome. She is also a single mother of a 3 year old daughter who entirely depends on her. Esther went through the BISS 3 phase recruitment process and was taken to BFLC for training. She issued with a BISS