Bakery 125

Foto: Wafula Canjetan en Nakuuku Jacklyne bij ontvangst van het bakkersgereedschap en de ingrediënten   Hun verhaal In het stadje Busia, vind je tussen de gebouwen plots een dorps hutje. Hier woont Wafula Canjetan, een gehandicapte man van middelbare leeftijd. Alles wat hij heeft vind je in de enige ruimte van het hutje. Wafula Canjetan

Bakery 113

Foto: Taaka Sylvia bij haar bakkerij, een verzorgde en keurig onderhouden ruimte waar zij elke dag haar producten vers kan produceren Bakker: Taaka Sylivia Locatie: Bugiri, Bugiri District, Oost-Oeganda Haar verhaal Taaka Sylivia is een lichamelijk gehandicapte jongedame, die naast haar handicap ook lijdt aan epilepsie. Sylivia raakte aan een zijde van haar lichaam licht

Bakery 133

Baker: Titin Rebecca Residence: Soroti Town, Arapai Central Village   Rebecca is physically disabled lady, she has a clubfoot syndrome. She is a single mother of four children who entirely depend on her. She passed through the recruitment because the enthusiasm she is showing. Also her location does not require her to move around to

Bakery 136

Baker: Areto Brenda Residence: Soroti Town, Omoce Tubur Village   Brenda is a physically disabled woman. She has only one leg and therefore moves with clutches. Brenda is a single mother to a four year old girl. Brenda was also recruited through the normal three phase recruitment process of BISS bakeries and she was selected

Bakery 134

Baker: Tumuhimbise Francis Residence: Soroti town, Senior quarters Western division   Francis is a crippled man who uses a tricycle for mobility. He is a married man and father of 5 children who all depend on him for school fees and basic necessities. He was recruited through the three phase recruitment process of BISS, where

Bakery 131

Baker: Akulo Agness Residence: Soroti District, Arapai Village   In Arapai village we found Agnes. A single mother of five who tried to find a living in stone quarry: breaking stones with a hammer into smaller stones. She really wished to become a baker as this isn’t work anyone’s body can do for long. She

Bakery 132

Baker: Abuko Esther Residence: Soroti District, Campswahili   Esther is physically disabled with a cross eyed syndrome. She is also a single mother of a 3 year old daughter who entirely depends on her. Esther went through the BISS 3 phase recruitment process and was taken to BFLC for training. She issued with a BISS