Baker: Areto Brenda

Residence: Soroti Town, Omoce Tubur Village


Brenda is a physically disabled woman. She has only one leg and therefore moves with clutches. Brenda is a single mother to a four year old girl. Brenda was also recruited through the normal three phase recruitment process of BISS bakeries and she was selected for training in Tororo at the Bake for Life College.

Brenda is the sole provider for her four year old daughter and she is very passionate about baking which she started on 14/06/2019. She is currently baking 4 to 6kgs of pan products and has a daily minimum profit of 10,000shs per day. Although she may not seem mobile, see moves around looking for costumers.

After three weeks of work, she added a small tea shop where people can enjoy her products for breakfast and evening tea.